Be Very Very Quiet

My blogging slows down in the summer when other projects get moved to the front burner. But I’m still lurking around.

The 2009 Benoit Mandelbrot Fractal Art Contest exhibition begins in a little over a week in Hyderabad, India, at the 2010 International Congress of Mathematicians, although (so far) publicity for the event has been zilch.  On the main BMFAC site, there has been no information whatsoever about the exhibition at the ICM — or, for that matter, the two earlier shows in Spain.  The main ICM page also says nothing about the exhibition — even if one searches the site for terms like "fractal" and "Mandelbrot."

I hope the main BMFAC site will eventually put up some documentation about the 2009 show.  After all, why go to the trouble to stage an international fractal art exhibit, and then act like the whole thing is some kind of classified secret?

Unless, for some reason, something about the show does need to be kept under wraps.  


And this came across the transom of the Ultra Fractal Mailing List recently:

From: Frederik Slijkerman <>
Date: Sat, Aug 7, 2010 at 7:14 PM
Subject: [ultrafractal] IMPORTANT: Ultra Fractal mailing list has been moved
To: “” <>

Hi everyone,

The Ultra Fractal mailing list has been moved to the main server, so it also has a new address:


As you may know, until now this mailing list was running at, administered by Damien Jones. Damien has very generously offered server resources and his free time for more than ten years now, and I believe it is time for me to take over this task. Thank you, Damien, for everything you’ve done during all these years.

OT readers might recall that the main Ultra Fractal site moved off Fractalus earlier this year.  No explanation (other than what appears above) was given for moving the site and list off Jones’ server.  Last summer, after Fractalus went dark for a time, Jones offered this enigmatic statement on the UF List:

My role as a web site host is no longer required, and I cannot fulfill that role adequately in any case (especially not for those sites that have moved on).

Nothing stays the same forever. Nor should it.

Nor did it, apparently, although, like so many of Jones’ activities, the reasons for this UF hosting break remain strictly hush hush.

But I do see some progress.  At least Jones didn’t resort to his previous tactic of booting folks (who merely disagree with him) off Fractalus by ginning up phony charges of protecting his server from alleged "security threats."

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One thought on “Be Very Very Quiet

  1. Several days ago, I had noticed various lists/groups being quite slow as well, and posted a message on Fractal-World about it:

    Many of the more populated email lists and forums have slowed down
    considerably as well:
    • UF List only 4 posts in past 5 days.
    • XD List only 1 post in past 12 days.
    • APO List only 10 posts for whole month (so far).

    But not too long after my posting, things started to pick up again. (Funny how such coincidences occur.)

    The only problem that still seems to exist with the current UF list, and the lists still being maintained on Fractalus, is that people using Mindspring, Earthlink, and a few other providers, will not receive anything from the email lists (nor be able to send to them). Apparently these are still being blocked.

    And did you see the other posting by “Slick Freddy”?? A few more of those pesky bugs that constantly plague UF have been resolved, but not enough of the ones that causes those nasty crashes.

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