Behold! Haltenny is here…

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Point Of Origin by haltenny ( ID)

High Voltage by haltenny ( ID)

He has a Deviant Art Gallery too with more examples of “steampunk” mandelboxes.  On DA he goes by Hal Tenny which sounds like a real name.

He shares, he cares, he posts parameter files!

Screenshot of Hal Tenny's recent DA journal entry

What a wonderful fractal artist and human being he is.  Let’s hope fractal fame doesn’t perturb him or divide him by zero.

I take it he uses Jesse Dierks’ Mandelbulb 3D, a freeware Windows 3D fractal program available for download here on  He thanks the well known 3D fractal artist lenord for sharing the parameters from his recent image Spudsville posted on

Spudsville by lenord ( ID)

You can see the similarities; the shapes, patterns, patina of metallic corrosion on the big, central “tuber.” But you can also see that lenord’s image is different than haltenny’s in the rendering of it and the some of the parts of the shapes and choice of imagery.  Also, if you follow lenord’s regular uploads to like I do, you’ll notice that haltenny’s image doesn’t share lenord’s characteristic style of symmetery; something that I find gives a strong design aspect to most of lenord’s work.

What this all leads to is the observation I’m sure we’re all making here that there’s a great deal of creative potential to these 3D mandelbox programs that comes from each individual artist’s choice and experimentation with whatever can be experimented with and that sharing parameter settings can lead to even more discoveries and not just soulless imitation.  I’ve not seen anything quite like haltenny’s steampunk mandelboxes and they’re a real example of how powerfully creative these 3D fractal algorithms can be when it comes to making graphically complex and photo-realistic works.  It’s almost like a graphical version of a piano on which almost any type of tune can be played with seemingly never ending possibilities for song writers.

I wonder if there’s any other haltenny’s out there amongst the great, looming shadows of Deviant Art?  It’s easy to get lost in the shadows.

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3 thoughts on “Behold! Haltenny is here…

  1. Haltenny is doing great stuff indeed! However sharing parameters has a double effect: on the one hand it helps more people understand how the application work and also helps them to get quick satisfaction by doing nice image in a few clicks, fair enough. But on the other hand, I think it tends to kill variety. Mandelbulb3D is such a versatile application that I am disappointed these days to see on DeviantArt such a high proportion of Mandelbulb3D similar images based on these same parameters with minimal tweaking…

  2. I agree with bib, this is why I do not share parameters, I much rather tell which formulas I blend, these hints often gets others to find something completely different and much more interesting. It is sad in a way to see 100 images that looks almost the same, when you know the infinite possibilities ( ;) ) these hybrids hides…

    On the other hand I have seen some results on DA that differs much from the original parameters (I have done two images myself inspired by Theli-at and Lenords mandelbox julia mutations). I think there is lots of potential in these new fractals for gifted “parameter-sniffers”

    But I also see people who just change the camera angle and “forgets” to give cred to the original…

    Hals images I must say are great tweaks, beautiful work with coloring and composition!

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