Fractal Art Collection

What is fractal art?

What can fractal art be?

We think the best answer is found by looking at what fractal artists are displaying on the internet.   Here’s a collection of links that should leave you better informed about what fractal art is, and can be, as told by the artists themselves with their actual artwork, not words.  Check back here from time to time because the collection isn’t permanent and will change as fractal art on the internet evolves.

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Shoes (2013, Photograph) by Barry Rosenthal

Shoes (2013, Photograph) by Barry Rosenthal

Center-Pivot Irrigation (2012). Earthscapes Stamp Pane. United States Postal Service.

Center-Pivot Irrigation (2012). Earthscapes Stamp Pane. United States Postal Service.

Lupinous Aboreus (2001) by Robert Buetleman

walls and plumbing by Ronald Fitch

Purple Gravity Stool (2011) by Jólan van der Wiel

Interior Shot of the Large Hadron Collider

Evoloving Hologram by DorianoArt (Deviant Art)

UFO by SvitakovaEva (Deviant Art)

Christmas Mandelbulb Fractal by aparks45 (DA)

Aborning by Mehrdadart (DA)

Ancient Sun by Mehrdadart (Deviant Art)

Sunturn by DarK–MatteR (Deviant Art)

Flowabrot-13M by ker2x (

from Kusho (2009, Photograph) by Shinichi Maruyama

Promiscuity (2004) by Karen Jones

08140402 (N.D.) by Jock Cooper

Marketer’s Dream (2006) by Adam Harvey

Hydrothermal Worm (2010, Microphotography) by Phillipe Crassous

Barbie Fractal (2007, Photograph) by Ritwek Dey

Evolution of Chronometry (1999) by Lynne Edel

Lydia (2003, Quilt) by Rose Rushbrooke

Signal (N.D.) by Earl L. Hinrichs

Single Spies by CO99A5 ( (2011)

Fractal Creature (2004) by Laurent Antonini

Nebbia (1999) by Giacomo Cattaruzzi

Fractal Alchemy (Detail, 2009) by Carl Scrase

Lapse in Time (2005) by Stacey Reed

Red Star Thistle (N.D.) by Harmen Wiersma

Fimo Fractals (2007) by Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories

Power Bloc by MarkJayBee (2011)

Grotto by The Rev (2010)

Octo Sierpinski by Softology (2010)

Gold Temple by Power8 (2010)

Doctor Atomic by Paul DeCelle (2004)

The Lair of Ananta-Boga by Lenord (2011)

Arch by Manas Dichow

Rinderpest by Rajnish Kaushik

Mandelbulb 1165 (N.D.) by Tad Bonieki

Fly Me to the Moon (2006) by Tina Oloyede

Archeo Love Poem (2000) by Elenyte Paulauskas-Poelker

Control Panel (N.D.) by Philip Northover

Freedom (1999) by Terry W. Gintz

Nested Hexagonal Collapse (N.D.) by Thomas Hull

Fractal Cow (2006) by Gabor Papp and Gabor Csordas

Furnace (2007) by Ramiro Perez

Blossom 2 (2010) by Holger Lipmann

Fractal Table (2008) by WertelOberfell Platform and Matthias Bär

Sans Titre by Etienne Saint-Amant

Bulb from box by Dominique_Peronino (2011)

Through View by Isight (2011)

Zoomorph B (c 800 AD) Photo by Maudslay (1901)

Degustation by P (2009)

2D or 3D? by Jeremie Brunet (bib)

Eagle by Mark Knol

Buddhabrot by Brutal Toad (2010)

Arizona Cafe (2003) by Stan Hood

20090707 (2009) by Samuel Monnier

Mediterranean Lands (2002) by Fernanda Steele

Alchemy (2004) by Giuseppe Zito

Earth Lander by B. Brummbaer (2010)

Woods of Zoe (N.D.) by Alice Kelley

These Days (2006) by Simon Kane

Archimedes 5 (2010) by Guido Cavalcante

Tuber Nest Incubator by Hal Tenny (2011)

Octopus Dragon Camp by Johan Andersson (2010)

Kroma by Dan Wills (2010)

Fractal-81786 by Jock Cooper

Indescribable by Kent Schimke (2010)

fractal20100919 by Subbiah Rathinagiri (cross-eyed 3D pair)

Statics by Jesse Dierks (2010)

Moment in Blue (2008) by Paul DeCelle

The Google Search Engine (2009) by Garth Thornton

Faery Ring (2010) by Jennyfnf

Lonely Girl and the Ship (2006) by Maria K. Lemming

Circuit Boards (2004) by Chris Jordan

HS3 (N.D.) by Tatiana Plakhova

Latest Fashion Trends (2010) by Elizabeth Mansco

The Lair (2003) by Bryan A. Smith

Shield (N.D.) by Tamrof Boynton

Picasso #9 (N.D.) by Jürgen Schwietering

E. coli (N.D.) by Luke Jerram

Albino Peacock (N.D.) by Nature

Weird Planet by Jeremie Brunet (bib) (2010)

2266 by Jock Cooper: Fractal Animation (MPEG-1) with Fractal Music (good fractal music example)

Click Here for alternate link to “2266” video via artist’s webpage

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