One-eyed Madonna

Alright, it’s not historically accurate. Traditionally, I think, Mary has always been portrayed with two eyes. None of the Bible accounts mention how many eyes Mary had. Da Vinci’s Madonna had two eyes. Of course, if Da Vinci was such an expert, the Last Supper wouldn’t have been painted with table and chairs.

I took a break from Inkblot Kaos and decided to try out Tierazon again. After trying out the formula parser in Inkblot Kaos, I had the confidence to use the one in Tierazon, something I’d never done before.

“z*c-c^z+c” I don’t know if there’s any procedure or method that helps to create interesting fractal formulas. Perhaps there’s a way to add an extra eye to this image. I’m always stunned by the amount of work that can be accomplished by even a short formula.

There’s still this magical quality to fractals. Stick a few letters and numbers together, wave the fractal wand, and things appear. Add a few photoshop filters to the process and soon it’s weird scenes inside the goldmine, as Art Linkletter would say.

Tierazon 2.7 parameter file

This is a weird scene, isn’t it?

Tim Hodkinson

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3 thoughts on “One-eyed Madonna

  1. That’s a fake one. Mine’s the real thing. Photoshop stuff doesn’t count.

    I should’ve known that somewhere out there on the internet there was already a one-eyed Madonna. On the other hand, “One-eyed Madonna” is a great title to boost search engine hits.

    What’s funny, is that since I published my post, I’ve got Lady Madonna by the Beatles running through my head and it frustates me because I can’t figure out which Beatle is singing the vocals. The voice is distorted.

  2. Paul would have been my last guess. My first would have been George, then John then Ringo. I think Ringo sang once on Yellow Submarine and it sounded very un-Beatlish.

    To make things worse, when I was really young I couldn’t figure out which Beatle sang Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds because it just didn’t sound like any of them. Turned out it was the Elton John version I had heard…

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