Art imitates Nintendo

The original Mandelbox?

I don’t play video games much; just an hour every day of Star Wars Battlefront (original one).  I have friends in Mos Eisley and although they always lose –horribly– they’re always asking me to come out and “play”.

My nephew loaned us his old GameCube and while I’ve never used it because all we have for it are Super Mario games, it’s been there on the floor in front of the TV for almost a year now.   I glance at it occasionally in between ferociously savage bouts of Battlefront ( Dark Trooper… Rhen Var Citadel…shotgun in the sky).

Since the discovery of the Mandelbox by Tom Lowe (Tglad) early in this year with it’s general cube formation and multiple grid and curved structures in it, I’ve looked at the Nintendo Gamecube differently.  They seem to be derived from the same formula.  Could it be true?

Mandelbox Edition: Nintendo GameCube -- no word from Nintendo yet regarding release date. Which one's the power button? (Image by MarkJayBee)

You can see the common structural elements from the GameCube here in this Mandlebox image. Nintendo GameCube: GoldBox Edition. (Image by Timeroot)

The Mandelbox has much improved and much more stylish ventilation ducts than it's predecessors. Does this mean they've added a huge amount of processing power, or is it just for aesthetics? (Image by Tom Lowe)

If Nintendo ever brings the Mandelbox GameCube into full scale production the first one ought to go to the Museum of Modern Art. (Image by Tom Lowe)

Exploring the graphical output of fractal algorithms should give you a floating feeling from time to time as you experience that “I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore” feeling that Dorothy did when she found herself in Oz.  The world of video games is not so different either;  they’re as real as any movie you can see on your TV screen.  What we find in fractal graphics today would have passed for pure science fiction in the past.  What else?  3D fractals are the best game in town.

Anyhow, I just keep looking at that GameCube and can’t help but notice the resemblance to the Mandelbox.