Party Guys

Party Guys

Party Guys (2007)

I need my head examined
I need my eyes excited
I’d like to join the party
But I was not invited

Elvis Costello, “Two Little Hitlers”

At first look, tonight’s image seems to show a “couple of wild and crazy guys.” But is there something darker around the edges?

Elvis Costello initially wanted to call his Armed Forces album Emotional Fascism. On that sequence of songs, Costello mixes themes of fascism with contemporary vapid relationships and empty socializing.

The man’s obviously a visionary.

Apparently, the (Nazi) party’s not over. From Blog KC:

A month after an abortive attempt to relocate the Aryan Nations headquarters to KCK, another white supremacist group has held a national conference in Overland Park. The craziest part is that the group held a Hitler birthday party at The Berliner Bear in Waldo and the owner claims he didn’t know about it. M.Toast tips us off to the group’s photo album, showing it must have been really hard to not to notice 30 Nazis, a podium, and a Hitler birthday cake.

Last night on the TV news the owner said he wasn’t there for the Hitler party. He just let them in and left for two hours, and they weren’t “in uniform” when they showed up. Even if that’s true, it would mean that none of his kitchen or wait staffs called to say “um, we have Nazis in the restaurant.” Unless he just turned over the whole restaurant, bar and all, and the Nazis cooked their own food.

Check out these budding Eva Braunoids:

We made a reservation for a thousand year Reich...

They say you’re nothing but a party girl
Just like a million more all over the world

Elvis Costello, “Party Girl”

Whatever happened to reserving the right to refuse service to anyone? I guess these customers were wearing appropriate shoes — and shirts — mostly brown ones.

And what Baskin-Robbins whipped up that Happy Birthday Hitler cake?

But maybe Costello’s connection between totalitarianism and lampshade wearers is dead on. Look at the party guy on the left. Is he wearing an earflap helmet? And do I see a thin mustache on the party guy on the right?

Oh, waiter. I’d like to send this fractal back. As an idea, I think it’s undercooked.

Detail of: Party Guys

Lower left corner detail of Party Guys


Originally made in Sterling-ware. Post-processed while watching the “Springtime for Hitler” dance numbers from Mel Brooks’ The Producers.

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