Space Heads

Sasquatch, UFO’s, Bermuda Triangle, and now –Space Heads.

What am I talking about? Imagine that outer space is something like the ocean: mostly empty but “infected” with life. We don’t expect to find something. We don’t expect to get a cold. But we’re not surprised when it happens. Probability says, it’s going to happen, instinct says, not today.

Space Heads, the micro-plankton of the space: floating, primitive …collectible.

An extra z here, a cos instead of a tan over there. Change the + to a ^ and you’ve got a new Space Head. Or just some new space.

Tiera-zon 2.7 parameter files (.zar) “”

There’s fractals and then there’s the other stuff, hard to categorize or describe: Floating; unconnected but associated; head-like. Space Heads.

They are primitive because they are basic and close to the trunk of the tree, unlike ourselves, complex creatures, who form the distant tip of a limb. It’s no surprise to find them represented in the fossil record; ancient, the earliest of iterations, almost timeless, drifting in time.

Haven’t fractal generators changed the world? Before, there was the wilderness -the natural world, and there were the cities -the places of human design. But now there is a new place, half-natural, half-human, neither of those, transcending both.

On the frontier, few things are labelled and nothing is categorized. The question, “What is it?” has not yet occurred. We look, we wander, we forget what brought us here.

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2 thoughts on “Space Heads

  1. I like your style of blogging, mean when the text is “framing” around the pictures. The words are illustrating the pictures and both are complementing each other and making an “another” reality. Once you´ve written the following sentences I kept among my favorites. Let me quote you: “The words make the pictures look better and the pictures make the words sound better. They are
    a natural combination, like a duet of sorts. Or like lyrics and music. The lyrics add something to the plain instrumental melody and of course the music gives the lyrics a powerful accompaniement. In fact, some lyrics are awful to read by themselves, but sound wonderful when sung. Or rice and meat. Rice alone is dull and meat by itself is better but still not as good without rice or bread or a tortilla to go with it”.

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