Life is not

Life is not for the rich and famous
for the successful applicant and the olympic few
Life is in the eye and the mind and the hand
It needs no permission,
or conditions
to be.

We can all be like Sindbad
and set off on voyages with nothing but today
We do not need to own the ocean
it is enough that we are here

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One thought on “Life is not

  1. Quoting Alice Cooper has redeemed you for your comment about Disco being the best music to come out of the 70s. Even if you were joking.

    This is completely unrelated, but I was watching Sesame Street with my kids a few years ago, a special video tape collection of all the number songs. Everything was typically sesame street until they got to number 18. They used Alice Cooper’s song, 18 and substituted sesame street style lyrics.

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