Ultra Fractal 5: SwastikaCurveTrap!

Alright. Sure. The swastika is an ancient symbol found in a number of cultural contexts and therefore has more than one meaning and significance. It also, I suppose, could be described as a simple geometric shape…

But really, couldn’t they have come up with a better name? Did they have to use the word, “Swastika”?

How about: ElbowCurveTrap; BentCrossCurveTrap; CrookedCurveTrap; BoomerangCurveTrap; RunningCurveTrap; etc…

Screenshot of SwastikaCurveTrap by Ken Childress (KCC)

Screenshot of SwastikaCurveTrap Code from http://formulas.ultrafractal.com/reference/kcc5/KCC_SwastikaCurveTrap.html

Of all the surprises in Ultra Fractal 5, this is the last one I would ever have expected. I know some of these folks know nothing about art, but I’m surprised that they know nothing about history as well!

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One thought on “Ultra Fractal 5: SwastikaCurveTrap!

  1. If you would have bothered to read the Wikipedia you link to, you would have found this:


    Apparently it’s an established mathematical function which makes your objection even less valid.

    Also, surely you understand that this has nothing to do with Ultra Fractal 5 itself. You talk about “they” but I am the only person responsible for the Ultra Fractal program, just like Ken is the person responsible for the KCC formulas. I don’t control the formulas in the database or the formula reference docs.

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