Image(s) of the Week: 6 Reviews Using 6 Words

Shield by Tamrof Boynton

Shield by Tamrof Boynton

Superb minimalism. Careful composition. So lovely.

Dog03 by Cornelia Yoder

Please. Merciful God. Make it stop.

Signal by Earl L. Hinrichs

Coming through clearly for ten years.

Shroomies by Stan Hood

Shroomies by Stan Hood

Shroomheads understand why Stan is God.

Bird's Eye Primrose by Harmen Wiersma

Bird’s Eye Primrose by Harmen Wiersma

Absence makes the fractal grow fonder.

deepnessinthesky_nuked by lyc

deepnessinthesky_nuked by lyc

Someone left the cake out in the rain Strontium-90-laced radioactive fallout.


Yes. I know. That last one was twelve words. It just kind of got away from me.

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  1. Just want to tell you how much I am enjoying viewing your image(s) of the week! Cheers! Carol

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