Sharing the Love

Let's read the most evil blog ever as we enjoy our lemonade.

They love! They share! They share and love and share! Share, share, share! Love, love, love!

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Somebody gets to be smart and somebody gets to be dumb.
–Karl Rove

Every now and then, it’s fun to type “orbit trap blog” into Google. I like to think that what turns up is a kind of found mailbag. And here’s what the cyber-postmaster delivered today.

The hit in question comes from a Fractalbook conclave. I guess that’s about as close as online “friends” get to sitting in rockers on the porch, sipping lemonade, and sharing. The time is March of 2008. The context is Orbit Trap’s coverage of the Fractal Universe Calendar (FUC). The site is former FUC editor Keith Mackay’s deviantART journal. Mackay has just announced to the world that he will no longer serve as a FUC editor. Richard “Rykk” Spix then responds:

Dang! Sorry to hear you aren’t doing it anymore. I reckon I can relate with all the Orbit Crap bs. Ya gotta understand that they are a VERY MINOR thing and almost nobody has even heard of them. And that they are just no-talent types with a huge case of sour grapes and an even larger sense that they are somehow “entitled” to place their “work” in these collections merely because they have a website and have Googled a few big words. In their self-delusional (the worst kind of delusions) hubris, I think they interpret lack of comment on their screeds as agreement with their claims when in actuality it’s that nobody wants to bother with getting flamed by them and arguing with brick walls that spin every true/pertinent thing said into some non-sequitor bit of hyperbole rather than debate point by point. They probably have deleted 99% of the answers on their threads and pass it off with lies that nobody supports the dissenters of their overly spun ala K Rove “opinions” and allegations. You’d think if they DID have any supporters, those comments would be emblazoned all over the site, eh?

If they get hits on their site it’s certainly not from anyone really interested in the “blindfold the child and pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey” bits of “schtickism” their PC’S mindlessly crank out FOR THEM in the stereotypically garish “Digital Art” colorings that the PC came up with due to whatever merge mode – or that the filters they use delegate that they haven’t figured out how to modify – but it is more related to how people slow down on the interstate to vicariously rubberneck car wrecks. They look, maybe comment on the lack of skill/attention of the drivers and then proceed along their way shaking their heads.

The Bush Adminstration ratfucking strategy most employed by Karl Rove was: accuse your adversaries of doing the very things you are actually doing yourself.

Like attacking someone’s work or character rather than addressing his or her ideas and observations?

Like claiming someone deletes posts and censors comments?

The only posts Orbit Trap has ever deleted were several written by Keith Mackay — and those were removed at his request. If you think we censor reader responses, then test that theory. Send us your thoughts. Assuming your remarks adhere to our comments policy, you’ll soon see them on this blog — just as clearly as you can see Rick Spix’s opinions above.

I sent one comment to Keith Mackay’s (now defunct) idreamincolor forum. Not only was my comment deleted, but the entire discussion thread quickly vanished. I then received an email from Mackay telling me I had been banned from his discussion group.

So kick back in your porch rocker. Have another glass of lemonade. Share the love with your Fractalbook “friends” as you denounce others for the very actions you are in fact committing.

It’s not only ironic. It’s postively Rovian.


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