The Fractal Alternate Universe Calendar 2008

“For some folks I write a profound, richly articulated blog posting, and for others I just draw a picture.”

Here’s my latest commentary on the Fractal Universe Calendar: The Fractal Alternate Universe Calendar.

I made the cover for the Fractal Alternate Universe Calendar, so I’m especially proud of it, despite the lack of a cash bonus.

I think it’s a much better way for me to express my artistic thoughts about the calendar in a form which I feel is more illustrative.

What makes it especially exciting is the way in which it was made. In order to suggest the possibility of life on other planets in the fractal universe (and how it might have evolved) I’ve taken my share of the original images from the 2004 Fractal Universe Calendar and exposed them to damaging levels of graphical radiation that would normally be screened out by the Van Allen Belts of the fractal world.

Compare the 2004 Fractal Universe Calendar images to each of the Fractal Alternate Universe Calendar images and see if you can match the original to the “alternate”. Remember, my share have been run through several of my photoshop filter machines, so this a chance to use your forensic art skills and put flesh back on the bones (once you’ve put the bones back together).

Of course, in most cases you might need to do digital DNA testing to be sure, but each one of the months in the Fractal Alternate Universe Calendar started out as one of the 2004 Fractal Universe Calendar selections. That’s why it’s called it the Fractal Alternate Universe Calendar.

I know. Spectacular idea, isn’t it?

I hope this Fractal Alternate Universe Calendar will help all of Orbit Trap’s loyal readers come to a better understanding of my opinion about the artistic style of the Fractal Universe Calendar.

…And it’s free! Go ahead, save the images or download the whole thing and print out a copy for yourself. It’s my Christmas gift to all those fractal artists who’ve been dreaming of visiting other worlds in the fractal universe and might be encouraged by seeing a few moon rocks first.

—Tim Hodkinson

FAUC: Cover

FAUC: January 

FAUC: February 

FAUC: March 

FAUC: April 

FAUC: May 

FAUC: June 

FAUC: July 

FAUC: August 

FAUC: September 

FAUC: October 

FAUC: November 

FAUC: December 


Kudos to the people who got off their backsides and did something, I say. Their detractors should be prepared to put their own time, effort and maybe money into a venture if they want something run differently, not just sit in a corner gnashing their teeth, spouting insulting untruths.


It’s a deal.

Damien M. Jones once defended his odd protocols (like mixing the judges with the judged) in the Benoit Mandelbrot Fractal Art Contest by saying “at least I’m doing something.” Well, now so am I.

I helped contribute to the Fractal Alternate Universe Calendar. In keeping with the traditions of the original Fractal Universe Calendar, the work is heavily weighted to showcase the work of the editors.

Like my “Energy Vampire” series, the works that served as a base for the images in the FAUC were initially found (in a previous life) in the 2004 FU Calendar. They’ve been digitally pulverized and pixelly reconstituted, though. And why should this surprise anyone? Isn’t this process just a variation of what most Ultra Fractal artists do? You know, pancake together layers of multiple parameter files mostly written by other people? No wonder so much of what appears on the original FUs look so similar.

Am I trying to make a big art statement here? Nope.

Am I taking a cut of the pie for this calendar? No way. It’s free.

Did I include all of my friends in the calendar? Absolutely not. Well — maybe one.

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