Orbit Trap’s Change of Format

Orbit Trap has abandoned the goal of becoming a group fractal blog due to lack of interest. Continuing to present Orbit Trap as a group blog is confusing to readers and misrepresents it’s actual content.

Despite the very serious attempt to build for the fractal community a venue to express themselves, the reaction has been primarily one of disinterest. Furthermore, when new ideas — particularly of a critical nature — have been expressed, the environment for writers has become one which silences them rather than supports them.

There are many opportunities for the status quo to express themselves, but Orbit Trap has always wanted to give voice to that which is new and different. We have decided to focus entirely on themes of a critical and innovative nature exclusively. Unfortunately, after a year of invitations and searching we haven’t found anyone else who shares this interest.

These changes are a logical step forward and would probably have been our original plan if it wasn’t for the fact that we really did expect others to join in our project of criticism and new ideas.

I guess the whole thing can best be summed up this way:

We invited the Fractal Community to speak for themselves and they didn’t want to. We spoke for them and they told us to shut up.

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3 thoughts on “Orbit Trap’s Change of Format

  1. I’ve enjoyed reading orbit trap since it started – it seemed to me there was a pretty good range of posts by quite a number of different authors. I also enjoyed writing up the odd post (& was aiming to post a bit more when I got this blasted periodicity code to work – ah well, I’ll put it elsewhere).

    I didn’t agree with you guys on the whole Mandelbrot contest thing, but thanks for starting the blog & providing a stimulating forum.

  2. Good luck with the change of focus. I look forward to reading about what’s new and innovative in the fractal community, and truly hope you meant “critique” instead of “criticism”; I’ve seen enough of the latter and not nearly enough of the former.


  3. Quick note to say thanks for the community, it is certainly appreciated. I have only recently begun reading Orbit Traps and have enjoyed the posts within. While i have not commented yet, I do enjoy reading everyone’s thoughts on topics and issues within the fractal art community, it gave a deeper insight into thoughts on certain issues…

    Well, keep up the good work and look forward to reading and posting more over time :)

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