YouTubers Mock Fractal Art

I logged out of one of my YouTube accounts and before I could log into the other, I found myself on the main YouTube page with links to the dumbest junk I’ve ever seen.  I knew there was a lot of senseless stuff on YouTube but I never paid any attention to it until this:


It’s tabloid newspaper trash meets YouTube.  If you’ve ever wondered what the end of the world might look like, or at least the end of intelligent life, this is it.

I can’t imagine Fractal Art would be this big a draw to the JunkTube crowd, but there’s more:


Why would they care so much about what people, or “YouTubers” think about flame fractals?  Does this sort of empty-headed abuse serve any purpose?

Not content to trash fractals among a purely adult audience, they’ve also attempted to poison children’s attitudes to an art form that can have a lot of beneficial educational spinoffs.  But all they care about is cheap laughs:


Out here in the fractal art world we’re used to having to explain to outsiders that our art form isn’t just pushing buttons or harvesting batch Apophysis renders and that one needs to look at the better examples of fractal art before deciding whether they really like it or not; but this sort of mockery just short-circuits the whole fractal art experience and turns off people who will probably never look any further than these “YouTubers” reactions.

If you really want to check them out, this is the link.

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