Hello Everybody!

Sometimes I just like to share interesting things that I find online that I think will be of interest to Orbit Trap readers who are “on the same wavelength” as me.  Perhaps that’s only one or two people but so be it.

Lindelokse, an established Deviant-artist decided to join the gang at Fractalforums.com and announced it, as is the tradition at Fractalforums.com, in the Meet and Greet section here.

Nothing scandalous or anything.  I just found the responses rather amusing and a further example of what distinguishes places like Deviant Art from Fractalforums.com.  Deviant Art is a place where social silliness (for those who don’t know this…) is the order of the day.

Nothing wrong with that!  I just mention it because the development of online culture is an aspect of fractal art that is very relevant since fractal art is almost entirely an online art form.

Also, I heartily encourage everyone to visit Lindelokse’s Deviant Art page in case they’re curious as to what kind of artwork could evoke such a warm, back-slapping (blooming) welcome as this!

Screenshot of Fractalforums.com thread

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2 thoughts on “Hello Everybody!

  1. well… I didn’t realize my behavior could be annoying (I was only greeting some good friends…), but I’m sorry if I seemed too silly to you. Next time please just ignore me.

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