Ultra Poetry

Westdale Coffee Shops / Thursday Night - My Dog Joe (photo by Kenneth Moyle)

Well, the Ultra Fractal Mailing List is at it again. Last time it was opera, but this time it’s bongos, coffee houses and poetry readings.

I’ve reformatted the original excerpts to give them that “je ne sais quoi” (bongo roll!) of true poetry lingo.  A little extra push to bring this baby out into the world of sunshine and stanza-i-zation (another bongo roll!). Well, I guess it’s satire, too, but I just dig this cat’s passion and choice of words.  Hey man, I just thought it needed a little Robert De-Frost-ing and a few turns on the old charcoal language grill to make this the perfect Allen Gins-burger of our time.

Zooreka, speak thy words, daddy-o!

[ultrafractal] ENOUGH IS ENOUGH—

Thats the final straw..
ANYONE here who is currently
a friend of mine
on Facebook
is invited to view
the entire problem…
if that is you
are unable
or unwilling
to read!

I will not consort
or share anything
a den of Art thieves
or those of you
who obviously support them

What part of the following statement have you all got a problem with,

Full copyright for this piece
Made available for educative purrposes
and Examination
exclusively to
February 2011

It’s plain and simple,,,
were tweaks
or even suggested!

Not only did
aka Art Thief…
against my express wishes
but also took it
and published my work
under his
(or her)

What is wrong with you people?

Wait til it happens
to you
and I’m sure
you’ll all know about it!

HOW DARE people
for example
attack me for defending
my work…
maybe you see
as a joke
and its okay
to steal!

Anyone here
as previously mentioned…
on my friends list
that shares the point
of view of anyone supporting
this is asked
to immediately remove themselves as such.
I have nothing
to say to
and believe me
it will get

I am thankful that this is only one piece….
and I will not obviously
be pursuing the matter
due to costs…
but believe me
if I had the money I
wouldn’t think
twice about it…
as a matter of principle.

Who’s talking war here?
No different to the themes
of the last week
as far as I can see…
Lots of posts
about stolen parameters
attributed to
who some of you
yet again
suggested wrongly
that she might be the art thief.
Then publishing work
without express

There is absolutely No freaking difference here!

Only takes one facebook
here to stop by my
account confirm the findings
and post
back here!
The misuse of parameters
is plainly evident
from yesterdays list!

Choose to ignore
it if you wish but I
will not tolerate
either the
theft of my work
the insults that followed….
I have refrained from replying
in kind thus far!

It is rare at all
I post here anymore
and when I do
it is often
to be helpful to others,
examine technique
and sometimes tweak…

Thats how it has always been
since I joined here.
Instead I find rubbish
and often off-topic
Like.. another fine day, isn’t it?

I find announcements of uploaded
work to other sites,,,
I’m sure
I could clog
the list
with that

and of little substance
or relevance to the list.
Thats the plain and simple
truth of it!
Hardly surprises me at all anymore
that a lot of faces
and some of the better
I got to
learning this program
have vanished totally from the list,,,
I believe I can now see


[ultrafractal] correction to my last post enough is enough

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