Tis the season for a movie, or two…

Yes, the fractal art world has its Christmas movie offerings just like Hollywood does.  Well, actually, most of these were posted long before the holiday season started, but I just haven’t gotten around to (re)posting them here.  If you follow Fractalforums.com then you’ve probably seen all of these fine, cutting-edge, fractal videos.  Maybe I should just call it “Best of 2010 fractal videos.”

All of these videos had something (I thought at the time) was significant and worth looking at.  So what I’m offering here is a compilation of fractal videos.  Near the end of my video embed collecting binge I refined my tagging skills by listing key words that would enable me to remember the video and what was noteworthy about it.

(How do you frame a fractal video? )

I forget exactly who made all these but By The Power of YouTube I don’t have to remember because it’s all in the little flash applets they allow everyone to embed wherever they like.  They are in no particular order, but that is generally the order of all things.  If you know of another video that ought to impress readers just as much as any of these, feel free to post a link to it in the comments and tell us what’s so great about it … for many are linked but few are chosen.

Floating Temple

Singular Box

Mandelbox DNA

Amazing Mengerbox

Trip through a hybrid box

Minicube zoom (Mandelbox)

3rd dimension cut 3D Mandelbrot set zoom

Bulbcube zoom (Mandelbox)


man in mandelbox : http://fractalfoundation.org/

SuperCubes – FractalMan from Jonathan Wolfe on Vimeo.

fractal thing by bib

abandoned sky circus by Don Whittaker
comments: http://www.fractalforums.com/movies-showcase-%28rate-my-movie%29/abandoned-sky-circus/msg22364/#msg22364

Here’s a public service announcement; call it intermission.  Find out about fair use before fair use finds out about you.  Or, in the words of Danny Devito from War of the Roses, “When a guy who makes $400 an hour wants to tell you something, you should listen.”

Fair Use interview

Paper page mandelbox flythrough

fractal station symmetric zoom fly around nice color

Red frames temple crawl through

Fractalfoundation’s favorite mandelbox exploration; slow; floating bits;

Alien Mandelbox from Jonathan Wolfe on Vimeo.

undersea cavern exploration mandelbox recommended by Tglad

Fast turning nice color prince of persia castle graphics short

Wierd Planet by bib

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