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I don’t dislike everything.  The OT faithful probably know from past posts that I often see fractal art works I find interesting.

When Tim and I were first forming Orbit Trap and discussing its possibilities, one idea we knocked around was to post an occasional fractal art photoblog — that is, allow the blog to function as a kind of virtual gallery by offering images without comment.  Any reaction to the art works would come from OT’s readers in the form of comments.  Today seems as good a day as any to start.

So, here are a few pieces that have have caught my eye lately.  Some are Phase One works, and others are Phase Two.

Disclaimer: I might have a bigger-tent sense of what fractal art constitutes than you do.

Like or dislike, and, if so moved, feel free to say so:

Deep Sea Monster by Maria K. Lemming

Deep Sea Monster by Maria K. Lemming.  Seen on her web site.

Tvivla by Robert Töreki

Tvivla by Robert Töreki.  Seen on the Ultrafractal site.

Toy Fracture by Bermarte.  Seen on Fractal Forums.

Digging You Up Again by 2BORNO2B

Digging You Up Again by 2BORNO2B.  Seen on deviantART.

Cries from the Wetlands by Gaiadeiel

Cries from the Wetlands by Gaiadriel.  Seen on Renderosity.

The Water Tree by Hector Garrido

The Water Tree by Hector Garrido.  Seen on Armonia Fractal.

Iguana Eyes by Michael Kern

Iguana Eyes by Michael Kern.  Seen on Fractal Enightenment.

Fractal Recursive Spiral Pottery Pattern by Quasimondo.  Seen on Flickr.

Julia Bead Tapestry.  Seen on In Bits Mosaics.

Vent #3 by Thomas Briggs.  Seen on his web site.


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2 thoughts on “Photoblog 1

  1. A very wide selection with a lot of variety for this mini-gallery “photoblog”. Most of these I was aware of, especially Maria K. Lemming, whom has been posting her works for many years. (Nice bit of background music at her main web page to go with her fine graphics.)

    But there were two I had not known about, so found these the most interesting, since they were new to me. Had to break out “Babel Fish” to do some translating, but was worth it to read the text that went with the images.

    I wished you guys had decided to to do the “photoblog” presentation when it was an initial idea, instead of waiting all this time. Ten or twelve diverse sites on a regular basis is something to keep an eye out for, especially when there is something new to be seen. THANKS !!!

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