Who am I and what is this?

Everybody knows Terry, but what about me, Igor.

I like fractals.

I like words and pictures. Like Dick and Perry, together they form a third personality. Illustrated, illuminated, an alloy.

I like machines that make pictures. Preferably ones with fewer buttons that enslave the computer, harnessing clever algorithms and making them do all the work, like some computerized Rumplestiltskin turning digital straw into digital gold, which I then write my name on.

This is a blog, but a blog is just more webspace. Text, images, links. From those three ingredients you can make a lot of things.

It could be a magazine written one article at a time on a long roll of web paper. The articles could be provocative editorials evoking hundreds of comments, or just a poem that leaves the reader inspired, but silent.

Reflections, anecdotes, a fractal from your gallery and your thoughts about how it was made and what excites you about it. Or talk about someone else’s work…

A fractal math lesson; the challenges of writing fractal programs; what’s on the software horizon?; how was a program made and what makes it unique?; is there anything that hasn’t been done yet?

It could be some “thing” none of us have ever thought of yet.

“Revolving around Fractal Art” The contributors can decide for themselves the fractal art connection. If they see one, that’s good enough for me.

Fractal art starts with math: the seeds of fractals. Programming with computers provides the greenhouse environment for the seeds to sprout. Different programming: different varieties of fractal life. The artists come next, some just photograph, some create more complex imagery, some just wander and wonder, drinking in the new world around them.

It would be great to hear all of them talk and write something about it: The Annotated Book of Fractals.

From mathematicians who understand fractal art’s origins; to programmers who make fractal art possible; to artists who make and present fractal art to us; to “explorers” who’ve made unique fractal discoveries; and even to critics who merely reflect upon fractal art and sometimes give it new direction…

All those orbits, passing through here.

In the words of Aristotle, “Let ‘er rip.”

No. In the words of Job, “That which I have feared has come upon me.”

That’s not it either.

In the words of Woody Allen, “Where does he get off taking all his personal problems and pawning them off as art?”

Anyhow. Welcome to this new thing.

I’ll talk about myself some other time. Or you can go here.

Oh, and the “Igor” thing was just a joke. Me and Terry work as a team. Although, I suppose, some might call him Dr. Frankenstein…

Many thanks to Mindy for the top header image and the stylish typography. I like that sci-fi, fractal from outer space look.

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3 thoughts on “Who am I and what is this?

  1. That’s not a bad idea, Philip. Sounds very creative and would add another content area to the blog. Maybe the time could be longer, like a month or two, I really like Mindy’s typography. If we did do something like this, we would at least have to find some way to archive all the past headers, so all the work that’s been put into them doesn’t disappear. I’ll keep your idea in mind.

  2. Philip; you’re talking about a script that would randomly load a different header from a directory of multiple header images everytime the page is loaded? Just like with ad banners that change everytime you visit a site like Yahoo?

    That would be a brilliant idea. The header area would become a sort of mini-gallery of its own.

    Why didn’t I think of this?

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